Financial Responsibilities

It is mandatory for every credentialed minister to fulfill financial responsibilities to both the Samoan District Council, USA and the General Council of the Assemblies of God. Failure to fulfill one’s financial responsibility to the Samoan District Council will result in a minister’s credential not renewing until the matter is resolved to the satisfaction of the Samoan District Council Ministry Credentials Committee. To make a payment to the Samoan District Council, create an account with securegive by clicking here and follow the instructions. For payments to the General Council click here and log in with your AG Passport Account. Note: The Samoan District Council, USA fees are different and separate from the General Council fees. Keep in mind that the credentialed minister is responsible for paying both fees in order to stay current in their financial responsibility.


Samoan District Council

Every minister (certified, licensed, and ordained) is required to pay the following dues on a monthly basis:
    1. Senior or Lead Pastor
        • Ordained: $100

        • Licensed: $80

        • Certified: $70

    1. Non Lead Pastor/Pastor’s Spouse
        • Ordained: $50

        • Licensed: $40

        • Certified: $35


General Council

The work of the General Council of the Assemblies of God, in it’s program of developing the spirit of cooperation and fellowship in home and foreign fields, incurs considerable expense, including the financial support of the national offices. Credential ministers are required to pay the following annual dues:
    1. Ordained: $25.00 monthly ($300 a year)

    1. Licensed: $20.00 monthly ($240 a year)

    1. Certified: $10.00 monthly ($120 a year)


Credential Renewal

Credentials must be renewed annually. Keep in mind that one of the requirements for credential renewals is to be current on your financial responsibilities at both the District and General Council level. Renewals must be completed by December 31st.